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Retinal Camera TRC  50DX


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Retinal Camera - TRC 50DX

In the rapidly developing technology of digital cameras, retinal imaging techniques advance quickly towards higher resolution and newer methods. New diagnostic modes and procedures require versatility, precision and reliability more than ever before.

The Topcon TRC-50DX, as well as the TRC-50DX(Type IA), improves on the unsurpassed quality of Topcon retinal cameras, incorporating new functions that enhance their versatility and operational ease. The camera can be used with a variety of photo devices, from 35mm camera backs to super-high resolution digital cameras.

The TRC-50DX : Leading the way in retinal cameras.



A newly developed control panel, equipped with a touch-screen, allows for a quick and easy change of settings while the Small Aperture function facilities focusing and enhances sharpness. Further enhancing its adaptability, the TRC-50DX(Type IA) can perform Auto Fluorescence studies expanding its diagnostic aptitudes and application availability. An adaptable filter mechanism lets the user add or exchange filters of his of her choice for different procedures or research projects.

Auto Fluorescence :
This new diagnostic technique allows for a more in-depth study of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) without the need of an injection of a contrast media enhancing patient comfort and cooperation. This feature is available as the default component in TRC-50DX type IA.

Image 1: Auto Fluoresence
Image 2: Red Free
Digital Slit Lamp

Split Image Focusing :
This convenient feature minimizes out-of-focus images and allows even less experienced operators to obtain clear, sharp images with minimal effort.
Vision Tester



Minimized design helps to check patient’s reaction and to open eye beyond the unit.

Flash Intensity Control :
Conveniently illuminated for use in subdued light, the flash intensity control has 21 levels and can be used in full or half steps. Sensitive membrane buttons permit total control on the image brightness. Retinal Camera TRC 50DX

External Fixation Target :
The newly designed fixation target guides the patient’s eye to any desired position with a brilliant LED that shines in red or green light, changing automatically according to the study mode. Compu Vision

Touch Panel Control :
Designed with user convenience in mind, the TRC-50DX features a Touch Panel control that allows the operator to change the camera settings with a single touch. All adjustments are at the photographer’s fingertips. Operation Microscope

Small pupil mode :
The Small pupil mode permits imaging through pupils as small as 4,5mm diameter.

Aperture adjustment :
The "Small" setting of the aperture produces a sharper, easier to focus image with enhanced depth of field. It offers remarkable effect in peripheral photography. Furthermore, its enhanced range of focus helps when using high resolution camera which requires severe focus aligning.



Relay Lenses :

OR-2 (1x relay Lens)
Double Mount TV Relay Lens
Triple Mount TV Relay Lens
Single Mount TV Relay Lens


IMAGEnet i-base™ Digital Imaging System    »

Using comprehensive software for capturing, processing, archiving and consulting, IMAGEnet i-base expands the abilities of the TRC-50DX into a digital imaging analysis system for clinical applications.

Digital Imaging System

IMAGEnet i-base detects the filter settings and CCD camera in use from the TRC-50DX and sets the capture screen to the corresponding procedure automatically.

A variety of options conveniently priced fit the needs of the single practitioner or the multi-discipline health institution with powerful diagnostic tools. The smart electronics of the TRC-50DX and the convenience of USB connections provide a seamless interface with any of the IMAGEnet i-base programs.
Fritz Ruck
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