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Specular Microscope

SP 3000P

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Specular Microscope - SP 3000P

NEW SP-3000P Specular microscope technology from Topcon Its ergonomic design and state of the art software linkage facility offers the practitioner the possibilities to meets his demands for advanced endothelial and pachymetry.

The new SP-3000P assists in Pre and Post surgical evaluation , assists in contactlens fitting and benefits teaching institutes. The non-contact measuring systems leaves a the operator a unique but easy and simple use and comforts the patient.

The SP-3000P offers you an advanced algoritm for reliable and repeatable data.



3D allignment :
This 3D allignment by 3 motors and infra red sensors leaves you a precise working distance and positioning.

3 Capturing modes :
The available options , Auto , Semi auto and Manual adapts to every condition of the human eye.

Color LCD screen :
The color LCD offers you a bright and clear view and overview of the measured data of the eye.

Motorized chinrest :
The SP-3000P's motorized chinrest aids in patient comfort and compliance, reducing stress and improving posture.

Fixation Targets :
Strategically located, the five fixation targets of the SP-3000P allow for central, nasal, temporal, superior and inferior views and measurement of the patient's cornea. Endothelial cell analysis and corneal thickness can be simultenously measured in each one.
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