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Digital Slit Lamp SL D8Z


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Digital Slit Lamp - SL D8Z

The new SL-D8Z " digital " photo slitlamp is the outcome of extensive product development based on 70 years experience in slit lamp technology. The SL-D8Z allows the eye care specialist a wide choice of options to provide for specific needs and can produce exellent images of the fundus and endothelium , plus fluorescein images , corneal images and video,s for fluo examination..

Digital photography using background flash is a unique Topcon feature that allows sharp , detailed and clear images of the cornea and endothelium. The SL-D8Z has special filters for execptionally clear and sharp images as well as magnificent fluorescein images of the anterior segment.



The SL-D4 provides in combination with its unigue photo set , the facility for superb anterior and posterior digital images. The SL-D8Z has an continuous magnification ration from 6x to 32x.

Filters :
The SL-D8Z has got a standard amber filter for clear and high contrast fundus images. Special optional filters enable the practitioner to make superb fluo images and video's. Optical Shops In India

Flash attachmentset FD-21 :
The FD-21, Topcon,s unique flash attachment set provides additional flash light for superb images. The eye care specialist can make perfect images of the endothelium and fundus. Ask your local dealer for details. Topcon is unique and the only company in providing this flash unit. Ophthalmic Medical Product

Digital cameras :
With an extensive range of optional accesories Topcon brings various solutions for digital imaging. Topcon supports an extensive range of digital camera's. Digital Slit Lamp
Topcon DC-1 , dedicated for the SL-D series
Sony DXC 990 / 390
Nikon D70
Nikon D2H / D2X
Other 1/2" and 1/3" CCD cameras
Fritz Ruck
HAI Labs Ruck