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Operation Microscope OMS 90

OMS 90

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Operation Microscope - OMS 90

An innovative concept providing optimal observation and versatile operation!



New Coaxial Illumination :
The newly designed illumination system of the OMS-90 assures the finest optical performance. The optical system has been fitted with a new and innovative design that allows the surgeon to view a sharper image, with more clarity than ever before.

The illumination system of the OMS-90 produces a superior red-reflex image for assistance in surgical procedures. The innovative system design merges two improved field of views to produce an enhanced red-reflex and unparalleled image quality.

Stain-proof Coated Objective Lens (F=200mm) :
The newly developed stain-proof coating is applied to help retain a clear viewing area. The focal length (F=200mm) provides the standardized comfortable working distance.

Parallel Binocular Tube :
The parallel binocular tube provides a natural stereoscopic view.

PD Adjustment Knob :
The built-in PD adjustment feature offers easy alignment.

Built-in Yellow Filter :
The flip in/out yellow filter is built into the system to allow full protection against retina phototoxicity.

Compact Base :
The new sturdy and compact ø740mm (30") base is designed for optimal use of limited operating room floor space.

Optional Accessories available :
X-Y Translator
Assistant's Microscope
Beam Splitter (80/20 or 50/50)
Oblique Illuminator
Accessory Adapter Model 2
1/2 TV Attachment
Fritz Ruck
HAI Labs Ruck