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Operation Microscope

OMS 800/850

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Operation Microscope - OMS 800/850

NEW , OMS-800 technology in 850 ceiling mount.
"Vitrectomy operations are now easier, safer and faster"

The new Topcon model OMS-800 series Operation Microscope is an ideal choice for all types of ophthalmology operations including cataracts and vitreous surgery.

Excellent stereoscopic and color corrected images, brillant illumination and superior operational efficiencies for today's sophisticated operations.

OMS-800 series provides unsurpassed optical quality for today's ophthalmology procedures. The outstanding optical system provides an aberration-free, natural appearing and crisp image for the surgeon. The objective lens and binocular eyepieces feature an newly developed 'anti-stain' coating on the lenses wich assists in maintaining the ideal optical performance, even after years of use.

Ask your local dealer for more information.

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The OMS-800 is available in 5 models :
OMS-800 Standard
OMS-850 PRO Ceiling mount
OMS-850 OFFISS Ceiling mount

» Each model incoporates xy translator and switchable beam splitter.
» The models "standard" and "PRO" can be equiped with Biom 3m system of Oculus.
» For ceiling mount details ask you local supplier for possibilities and construction details.



Comfortable operating position :
The ergonomically desgned optical head with built-in Beam Splitter allows the surgeon to maintain a comfortable posture throughtout the surgery. A key component to this comfort is the varaible angle binocular tubes that allow for the setting of a personal viewing angle from 45 to 90 degrees. THis flexibilty assures a comfortable operating position even when using OFFISS.

Mulit-function footswitch enhances operating efficiencies :
The multi-function footswitch permits the surgeon to control almost all of the OMS-800 functions without having to remove their hands from the operating field. Without any hand movement, the surgeon can alter the illumination intensity, zoom magnification, focus, illumination angle selection and X-Y positioning. On convewntional microscopes, many of these functions have to be done by an assitant. THe layout of the controls on the footswitch is conventionaly arranged in the most popular positions.

Space-saving design provides large working area :
The stable, compact base and long support arm of OMS-800 provides a comfortable working area for both the surgeon and the assistant.

Easy illumination bulb exchange :
The selectorlever allows the spare lamp to the immedaitly rotated into position if the main lamp fails. In addition, a warning lamp indicates when the spare lamp has burned out. This permits the illumination system to be easely checked prior to starting the surgery. This elaborate, fail safe design ensures a more secure condition in the operating theater.

Switchable beam splitter :
For live FAG Topcon has developed the switchable beam splitter. The current beam splitter (80% for operator and 20% for CCD) does not give enough light amounts for the live FAG.

For this reason the switchable beam splitter is developed so that you can get (50% : 50%), this in order create enough lite for the CCD camera. Of course when you select 50% : 50%, you will increase the light intensity, so that the normal use (80% : 20%) is more patient friendly.


OMS-800 / 850 series OFFISS

"OFFISS opens the new possibilities in intravitreal surgery"

Clear, natural stereoscopic view :
A good stereoscopic view is observed even through patients with small pupil diameters because of the world's first, built-in stereo-variator in an operational microscope. Operation Table

Reduce flair :
Fundus observation with high contrast and less flare can be achieved with the built-in slit illumination. Mirror Chart

Increased working distance :
OFFIS provides exceptional working distance between the 40D non-contact lens and the patient's eye. Ophthalmometer

Unparalleled image quality during simultaneous cataract and vitreous surgery :
With the advancement of cataract surgery, including techniques such as phacoemulsification, increasing numbers of vitrectomy surgeons are performing simultaneous cataract and vitreous surgery. By adopting a 3-direction illumination system, the OMS-800 provides an improved red-reflex and better shadow-contrast even in situations with low luminance. Retinal Camera
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