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Compu Vision

CV 5000

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Compu Vision - CV 5000

Topcon developed a complete new automatic phoropter head and control panel: CV-5000 and KB-50. CV-5000 is one of the smallest automated phoropter heads in the market and still offers a complete range of lenses. The small size and open structure allows the operator to view the patient’s expression during refraction. Lens rotation speed on CV-5000 has been increased by 30%, resulting in more comfort for the patient and less refraction time.


Compact, open and contemporary design :
Thanks to the 50% volume reduction compared to the CV-3000 the operator can monitor the patient’s expression during the examination much better than before. Monitoring of the patient’s expression is important, as the patient should be relaxed during refraction. Doctor Stools

High speed lens movement :
Thanks to the implementation of smaller lens discs and high speed rotation motors the rotation speed of the lenses has increased by 30%. Fast lens movement reduces ocular stress at the patient and shortens the examination time. Computerised Non Contact Tonometer

Near test illumination :
The CV-5000 head is equipped with four white LEDs to provide clear and even illumination of the reading charts without creating shadows on the reading chart. External light sources are no longer required to illuminate reading tests properly. Optical Coherence Tomography

Tilting function for near vision :
The CV-5000 head can be tilted to provide a natural body position during the near tests. A natural body position during reading tests allows the best possible reproduction of a natural environment. Electric Motorised Table
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