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Computerised Non Contact Tonometer

CT 80

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Computerised Non Contact Tonometer - CT 80

The Topcon CT-80 / 80A Computerized Non Contact Tonometer incorperates innovative features to make Intraocular Pressure Measurements almost effortless.

With the Triple Safety Function and Dual Sensor System we offer the patient maximum relieve of discomfort.

The CT-80 technology provides operating conveniences and short measurement interval time.

The A model offers a 3D auto alignment and Flex Control Function.


Fast and easy measurement :
The interval time between measurements has been reduced by more than 30%. The examination takes less time and eyestrain of the patient and is therefore more client friendly. Once the alignment has been completed, the resulting data are automatically measured and displayed.

Fast and easy alignment :
An alignment bar indicates the focused point. Depending on the position of the patient's head, the indications 'forward' or 'too close' are displayed. In case the patient is too close the CT-80 also gives a warning beep. The CT-80 bright allignment dot increases the patient fixations comfort.

Infrared lighting for maximum patient comfort :

Patient safety and comfort :
2 Air puff pressures 0-30mm Hg and 0-60mm Hg (for patients with increased intra-ocular pressure.

Triple Safety function :
These innovative functions help the operator by its control and safeguide the patient.
Adjustable safety stopper to prevent air nozzle contact with the patient's eye.
"Too close" display on the monitor.
Buzzer sound.

Joystick operation :
Simple one handed, fully automated operation using omni-directional joystick.
New on the up / down movement control is the speed operation follow. Fast rotate , fast movement / slow rotate , slow movement.

Built-in printer :
With the touch of one button the hardcopy of all stored IOP data are provided by the built-in printer. On the printout are three individual values and one averaged value visible. A personal message can also be added to the printout.

Up to three individual measurements plus an average value can be printed for each eye from either the automatic or manual modes.

Built-in self check function :
The CT-80 lets the operator know in advance when maintenance is needed. It displays a warning message on the monitor when a lens is dirty, and also which lens it is (the measurement glass or the chamber glass).

High resolution TV monitor :
The pupil is clearly visible, making alignment exceptionally simple. The measurement process is automatically activated when proper alignment is achieved.

Advanced internal processing system :
Recording of individual pressures plus automatic averaging of three consecutive readings for each eye. Each measurement result is displayed.

RS-232C output terminal :
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