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Auto Chart Projector


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Auto Chart Projector - ACP 8

The "NEW designed TOPCON ACP-8" Series Chart Projectors provide an improved sharp image and image projection with a fast chart disk rotation.

The cordless remote controller allows a fast and simple chart projection of 30 test charts at a rate of 0.03 seconds per chart frame. The enlarged projection size of 330x270 leaves a clear and wide view. New are the 5 optotypes per line.

Select from 3 versatile models :
Model Programmable Masking Remote Controller CV Connection
ACP-8E X - X Infra red
ACP-8EM X X X Infra red
ACP-8MC X X - rs-232c


Chart selection:
Three different chart sets [ A, B1, C , F ] each offering a selection of 30 charts for different regions and refraction demands.

You can select the 30 different eye-test charts at a rate of 0.03 seconds per frame for fast and efficient test procedures.

Ask your local dealer for chart details or download our leaflet.

Chart Type E EM MC
A X X -
B1 - X -
C X - X
F - - X

MC version for CV-3000 with RS-232C connection :
New feature in the line of chart projectors is the RS232C connectivity. The MC is provided with a RS-232C port on the backside of the ACP-8. Through this port " by RS-232C cable " direct ACP-8 control is possible by CV-3000. Response time reduces nearly to zero.

Single-Character Masking :
The versatile masking capabilities of the ACP-8 EM / MC unit allow projection of a single character at a time.

Tilt Function :
The horizontal axis of the projector can be adjusted to guarantee a perfectly positioned projection on the screen.

Test Procedure Programming :
The ACP-8 series can be remote controlled by using the control panel of the TOPCON Compu Vision CV-3000. This combination provides all functions for general visual examination quickly and easily. When also used in conjunction with TOPCON's OptiLink data base software, the ACP-8MC is the right choice.

Optional accessories :
Base plate
Wall mount bracket
Double mirror
RS-232C cable for MC model
Fritz Ruck
HAI Labs Ruck