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Optical Coherence Tomography

3D OCT 1000

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Optical Coherence Tomography - 3D OCT 1000

Optical Coherence Tomography (3D OCT-1000), Combines Innovative OCT technology with & non-mydriatic retinal camera.

Unprecedente rapid tomographic scanning technology with accurate retinal registration.

OCT + Retinal Camera
High Speed Scanning
3D Virtual Microscopic View
Accurate Retinal Registration
Seamless Interface with IMAGEnet™



Combines innovative OCT technology with a non-mydriatic retinal camera
Topcon combines the newest sepctral domain OCT technology with a non-mydriatic retinal camera to offer the world's most versatile retinal evaluation tool. Easy as 1, 2, 3, 3D OCT-1000 provides infrared alignment viewing with spilit mechanism, Internal matrix LCD for stable fixation, and adjustments for integral signal optimization. These features make the instrument exceptionally easy to use.

0.05 Sec. High Speed B-Scan
With this technological breakthrough, Topcon's 3D OCT provides three-dimensional OCT images up to 50 times faster than existing time domain technology to reduce patient eye movement and to increase patient comfort. More importantly, high-speed data acquisition makes accurate retinal registration a reality.

3D Virtual Microscopic View
Topcon's 3D OCT provides a three dimensional "virtual microscopic view" of the specific targeted area, featuring accurate retinal registration for the most reliable and reproducible measuring results.

Phoroptor ARM

Accurate Retinal Registration
The Topcon 3D OCT-1000 scans a large area with densely-sampled data to ensure that the area of concern is captured. The software allows for a direct comparision between the raster scans on the retinal image to the corrosponding OCT tomographic layers. The accurate retinal registration permits subsequent scans of the same area to be repeated for better patient management.

As OCT technology becomes an essentinal ophthalmic imaging tool, the demand for scanning the same retinal area to track anatomical changes will be even greater. With the advant of accurate retinal registration, now you can scan, evaluate, and compare with confidence.

Seamless Interface with IMAGEnet™
Optional viewer software enables you to view and interpret 3D OCT data with a networked PC in a satellite room, independent of the capture station. In addition, the 3D OCT-1000 software is fully compatible with IMAGEnet and can be used in conjunction with your existing IMAGEnet database. This provides seamless integration with your other imaging procedures (Red Free, Fluorescein, Indocyanine Green, and Auto Fluorescence, etc.) for patient management and clinical presentations.
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