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XLink™ Corneal Cross-Linking System

XLink™ Corneal Cross-Linking System

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XLink™ Corneal Cross-Linking System

The most advanced corneal cross-linking system.

The Opto XLink™ incorporates unique and advanced features designed to improve treatment efficacy and safety whilst making the operation easy and convenient. The latest generation optical/electronic design provides superior performance and better control compared with conventional systems.


Unmatched Safety Features:
The Opto XLink™ has additional features to increase patient comfort and safety during treatment:
• Emergency switch on front panel;
• Safety interlock;
• Audible alarm when irradiance is set higher than 3m/cm2;
• Treatment pause/resume;
• Key Activated System

Self Calibrating:
Accurate internal power meter and feedback loop control deliver consistent UV irradiation during the entire procedure and eliminate the need for periodic calibration.

Advanced Optical System:
Our unique LED UV Cluster System provides homogeneous UV light irradiation across the cornea, eliminating dangerous hot spots and ensuring greater accuracy and safety during procedures. The system also offers 3 selectable spot sizes: 6, 8 and 10 mm and contains an internal micro processor which controls all system functions.

Internal Patient Fixation Target:
to increase patient safety and comfort during the procedure.

Aiming Laser Beam:
for accurate focusing and positioning

Additional Features
User-friendly system interface:
The Opto XLink™ features a backlit alphanumeric display for convenient visualisation of parameters and safety warnings, including a timer with an audible reminder to apply riboflavin. An ergonomic control panel permits easy parameter setting and system operation.
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