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Mitra Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

Mitra Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

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Mitra Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

The all new Solid State Opto Mitra™ Yellow Laser Photocoagulator offers superior safety and increased efficiency in photocoagulation with both continuous wave and micro pulse treatment modes. Using patented technology the Opto Mitra™ is able to deliver precision and improved clinical outcomes for patients.


Raman Shifting Technology
The Opto Mitra™ is the first ophthalmic yellow laser that utilizes Raman Shifting technology to generate the yellow wavelength, at 586nm. The advantages of the Raman Shifting technology are that it provides superior power output, stability and reliability compared to other contemporary technologies meaning safer and more effective treatment.

Increased Efficiency and Safety with the Yellow Laser
The 586nm yellow wavelength has high absorption by oxyhemoglobin so the Opto Mitra™is more effective when treating vascular structures in the eye.
Yellow light results in less thermal spread, functional damage and scar enlargement (1).
With a high oxyhaemoglobin/melanin absorption ratio, treatment better targets deep vascular structures and not pigmented tissue in the outer retina, allowing safer treatment in the macular region.
The yellow wavelength shows negligible absorption by macular xanthophylls, the main pigment present in the macula, increasing safety margins for macular treatment.
Because the Opto Mitra™ Yellow Laser exhibits low light scattering in intraocular transit, treatment is more accurate with superior transmission though opacities and enhanced tissue targeting. Also as a result of low light scatter, less power is requiredto achieve the same therapeutic effects as conventional green laser photocoagulation so patient pain and discomfort is reduced (2).
Good lesion visibility means the dosage can be easily adjusted.
In addition to the ability to safety treat areas around the macula, the Opto Mitra™ Yellow Laser can be used for all green laser procedures.
The Yellow laser provides a more consistent effect in patients with light or irregular fundus pigmentation, with laser light absorption variability reduced by 15% (3).

Superior Ergonomic Design
The Opto Mitra™ has been designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Intuitive design allows for reliable and single-handed operation of the system.
Precision micromanipulator for easy and accurate positioning of the laser beam. The unique safe stop mechanism provides superior safety against shots on the macula by stopping in position if inadvertently released.
The 5.6” Colour LCD touch screen display and backlit illuminated rotary buttons allow visibility and adjustment of the controls in all ambient conditions, so the system is simple and easy to operate with precision and speed every time.
Robust and durable design for reliable operation and increased longevity
Foot pedal for treatment power adjustment

Micro Pulse Photocoagulation
The Opto Mitra™can be used in the micro pulse mode to deliver trains of short pulses, enhancing treatment flexibility. Micro pulse (sub-threshold) photocoagulation offers significant clinical advantages compared to conventional continuous wave lasers, preventing laser induced thermal retinal damage and related treatment side effects.
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