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Hyalus™ Green Laser Photocoagulator

Hyalus™ Green Laser Photocoagulator

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Hyalus™ Green Laser Photocoagulator

The Opto Hyalus™ is one of the industry newest Green Laser Photocoagulators. It combines most innovative laser technology and an ergonomic design with a robust console designed to provide high duty cycle and superior standards of performance for use in the busy office or the Operating Room.


A technologically advanced Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser cavity and digitally controlled instant duty cycle permits the laser to be used at high power settings for extended periods of time. The special laser thermo control function reduces the power requirement, offering optimum and economical control of the temperature under microprocessor management. Opto Hyalus™ has been especially designed for high activity use of the system, providing many years of superior and reliable performance.

Auto recognition of delivery devices with safe switch mechanism, allows for simple and safe operation of the system.

User Friendly:
The 5.6” Colour LCD touch screen as well as the centrally located backlit illuminated rotary buttons allow for fast system controls and easy visibility in all ambient conditions.

Excellent Power Distribution:
The advanced parfocal optical design of the Opto Hyalus™ Slit Lamp Adaptors has low corneal energy density which gives even burn lesion over the entire treated spot and is more tolerant to patient motion.

Additional Features
Superior Power Control:
The Opto Hyalus™ features a sophisticated real-time, energy control output system which continuously monitors the power on the retina and adjusts power output throughout each exposure set within industry lowest fluctuation margins. This results in superior power control and minimizes laser induced hot spots on the retina.

Programmable Procedure Function:
The Opto Hyalus™ remembers previously set treatment functions, accessible from the control panel, assisting in faster set up and recall of optimum procedure settings.

Advanced Diagnostic Software:
The sophisticated Diagnostic Mode provides the authorised Service Representative with all the important operational parameters and functions needed to promptly carry out any periodical preventative maintenance, significantly reducing system down times.

The durable Opto Hyalus™ laser console and its easy to remove and install delivery devices come in purpose designed shock resistant hard cases making the system convenient to transport to hospitals and private clinics on a routine basis.
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