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FastPulse™ Laser Photocoagulator

FastPulse™ Laser Photocoagulator

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FastPulse™ Laser Photocoagulator

The most versatile laser in the market.

The Opto FastPulse™ laser is a next generation multi-purpose 810nm diode laser photocoagulator designed for use by ophthalmic surgeons for the treatment of various Retinal and Glaucoma diseases. It is the safest and most versatile single frequency laser in the ophthalmic market due to its unique micro pulse and conventional continuous wavelength modalities.

Micro pulse is a novel laser application designed to achieve optimum clinical outcomes whilst reducing laser-induced thermal damage compared to conventional continuous wavelengths lasers and modalities.


Unmatched Clinical Versatility
The Opto FastPulse™ is increasingly regarded as a more versatile ‘tool of trade’ for the Ophthalmologist due to its 810nm Continuous Wavelength and micro pulse modalities. These modalities allow for significantly greater clinical applications and procedures than other contemporary wavelength lasers with significantly higher safety margins and greater economics due to much lower costs of ownership. The 810nm infrared lasers offers better wavelength stability performance than conventional 532nm or Argon Lasers, whilst its invisible wavelength allows for treatment of Transscleral Procedures (as the sclera is translucent for this wavelength but opaque to visible light) as well as Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) due to lesser required treatment power and smaller retinal tissue destruction.
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