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Automated Perimeter-AP200

AP - 200

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Automated Perimeter - AP 200

Eye tracker system for rapid exams & accurate results.


Blue on Yellow Perimetry :
Also known as Short Wavelength Automated Perimetry (SWAP), this technique can detect Glaucoma many years earlier than standard perimetry. Complying with the international standard for SWAP, the Opto AP200 with exclusive solid-state technology offers wavelength stability resulting in higher accuracy for blue on yellow testing.

Flicker Perimetry :
Flicker Perimetry is becoming increasingly accepted as an important means for early detection of Glaucoma and other ocular conditions that reduce retina sensitivity. The Opto AP200's sophisticated Flicker Perimetry function can be combined with any standard or custom test, increasing the flexibility for use in private practice, hospital clinic or research.

Digital Eye Tracker :
The state-of-the-art Digital Eye Tracker continuously monitors patient fixation, avoiding erroneous measurements without adding time to patient exams. The result is enhanced accuracy and reduced test times.

Exclusive Solid-State Technology :
The Opto AP200 utilizes solid-state technology for stimuli and background illumination, improving precision and eliminating the need for routine calibration, maintenance or bulb replacement.

Embedded Computer :
The optional embedded computer enhances the Opto AP200 aesthetics, creating more clinic workspace with minimal cabling required.

Rapid Test Times :
Several techniques are available to reduce examination time, including Screening, Fast Threshold and the exclusive FastScan strategies as well as adaptive response, custom fields, previous pattern method and more.

User-Friendly Software :
The Opto AP200 software has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use, even for operators with limited experience. The interactive menus are easy to use and provide comprehensive information reducing the time spent preparing reviewing and printing patient exams.

Multiple Printout Capability :
Various configurations and options for report printing are available, including seven-in-one, multi-exams, and combo printouts.

Regression Analysis :
This sophisticated software tool allows complete monitoring and assessment of visual field regression.

Languate & Terminology Adaption :
The Opto AP200 software can be easily translated to other languages through a tool provided in the software. This same tool also allows the user to perform specific adjustments in the perimetry terminology to suit different user preferences.

Comparison Function :
This feature provides the capability of comparing a prior and current exam side by side, and printing out a detailed report on a single page.

Pupil Diameter Measurement :
The Opto AP200 automatic pupil measurement function saves time and augments convenience in every examination.

Improved Patient Comfort :
Patient comfort can influence the reliability of the exam. The open design of the stimulator bowl enhances ventilation and reduces the potential for the patient to experience claustrophobia or similar sensations.
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