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Advant YAG Laser Photodisruptor

Advant YAG Laser Photodisruptor

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Advant YAG Laser Photodisruptor

Enhanced performance from the complete YAG laser.


Crystal Q-switch results in a more consistent cutting precision and long-term stability in energy delivery.
Widest range of adjustment for posterior and anterior offset - 500µm - provides maximum flexibility of treatment and safety of operation (Premium version only).
Integrated 5 position magnification changer for enhanced capability of the slit lamp for treatment and diagnosis (Premium version only).
High performance laser system provides optical breakdown at low energy settings, ensuring higher safety and less side effects.
State-of-the-art integrated design with large display and all controls at reach of the physicians hands offer unparalleled ergonomics.
Precise dual spot aiming system for maximum focussing accuracy.
Very fast firing rate - 2.5Hz.
Externally mounted chin rest and integrated slit lamp with fingertip controls for patient & operator comfort.
Ergonomic joystick provides improved feel, positioning and responsiveness.
10. Smart modular design facilitates field servicing, resulting in reduced downtime and improved reliability.

Optional accessories :
Wheelchair Accessible Stand
C & T Type Motorized Mobile Stands
Table Extension
Cushioned Leather Arm Rest
Dual Port Beam Splitter
Co-observation Tube
Camera and Video Adaptors
Abraham Capsulotomy & Iridectomy lens
Tonometer Mount
Safety Glasses
Carry Case
Fritz Ruck
HAI Labs Ruck